About Us



"Service to humanity is service to God". Nursing service is most essential part of human health. Nurse is a team member of the health care delivery system. The institution has a vision of preparing the nursing students to be able to practice nursing care to the individual in any part of the world and will be able to deliver the services up to the maximum level of proficiency.


  • Spirit of dedication and care.
  • Developing a curriculum of international standard and train the students under the able faculty members.
  • Prepare them with all the advanced skills in nursing.
  • Communication skills are given top most priority.
  • Various methods of education for up liftment of the students as nursing personnel.

Objectives of the College

  • Develop Nursing as a Profession.
  • Prepare the nurses to be able to provide efficient care during illness and wellness as nurse practitioners.
  • Develop skills among the nurses as educator, counselor, manager and administrator through continuing education programmes.
  • Uplift the nursing education for global perspective.
  • Encourage independent research skill among the nurses in the field of nursing.

Special features of the College

The institution has well established laboratories separately for nutrition, computer, Nursing foundation, Medical surgical nursing, Community health nursing, Maternal and Child health nursing.

It also has well equipped class rooms, seminar hall, and other facilities like library, hospital, hostel and transport for the students.